Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


We here at Cablekillers.net believe that information is power, we did some major research and found out the most people do not know anything about how to access this remarkable TV service or where to find it. What we have decided to do is to provide people with a list of websites where they can purchase this streaming service and save yourself hundreds or maybe thousands of dollars a year.

As we have said, information is power, but it also costs, so if you decide to purchase our list of these websites, it will definitely be money well spent. We have thoroughly vetted these websites and have used many of them ourselves, and have referred them to our friends.

Again, you are not purchasing the streaming service through our website, but you will be buying a list of websites where you can purchase the streaming service. There are no refunds once you have placed your order and received the list, so make sure you understand what you are buying here at our website. If you have questions before making a purchase, please email us at. Info@cablekillers.net

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