We are a website that sells a list of websites where you can purchase and Stream unlimited tv Channels for as little $15 per month. YOU ARE NOT BUYING THE STREAMING SERVICE THROUGH CABLEKILLERS.NET, YOU ARE ONLY BUYING A LISTING OF THE WEBSITES WHERE YOU CAN PURCHASE THE STREAMING SERVICE.

Your list of websites will be sent directly to your email address automatically after payment is made. The list will be in the following formats: Word document, PDF, and Note Pad. Pleased be sure to check your Junk or Spam folder for our email.

You will be able to watch all of these channels by streaming television content over the internet rather than through traditional satellite or cable methods. Cablekillers.net provides you with a list of websites where you can purchase this streaming service by using an internet connection and compatible device such as a smart TV, computer, smartphone, or set-top box.

The websites that you purchase the streaming service from all offer full customer service support. If you have any questions before making a purchase of the list from our website you can contact us directly at


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